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Chapter 165 Just Kill Him

  • After all, Anthony had accomplished many incredible feats before this, so compared to those, what he had done just now was nothing extraordinary.
  • General Hyrtl was a little afraid as he wiped the sweat on his forehead, “Anthony, you have saved my life again. I don’t know how I can ever repay you!”
  • Previously, at the jungle road, if not for Anthony’s warning, Helmut’s men would have killed his whole envoy. Just now, General Hyrtl had also narrowly escaped death.
  • Anthony dismissed it with a wave. “Let’s not talk about this yet. We still need to hurry in and find out what happened to Traeger.” Their main reason for coming to Frevel was to secure the supply of Zumurrud stones. Now that Anthony had signed a supply contract with General Hyrtl, he wished that nothing bad would happen to Traeger.
  • General Hyrtl nodded, “Three squads, remain here to guard the entry point. The rest follow me!” Judging from the situation, General Vogel has already made his move. I hope that I am not too late.
  • As one of Traeger’s three generals, General Hyrtl had his own authority. The two hundred soldiers under his command immediately went into action at his order. Sixty soldiers stayed behind to guard the main entry point while the remaining hundreds of soldiers rushed towards Traeger’s residence.
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