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Chapter 162 The Art of Picking Up Ladies

  • “Damn it, give me the crossbow…” General Hyrtl was on the verge of panic. He snatched a crossbow from the soldier beside him and aimed it at Stoker.
  • Upon seeing the crossbow aimed at him, Stoker harrumphed coldly and proceeded to ignore General Hyrtl. Crossbows may be effective against those below Class S, but a Class S master like Stoker could easily kill Anthony and still dodge the arrow.
  • Stoker pushed the blade down without hesitation… However, just as the sharp blade broke into Anthony’s skin, Stoker suddenly sensed someone standing in front of him, and he suddenly found that he was unable to move his hand.
  • At the same time, a cold voice sounded by Stoker’s ear, “Is it so fun to kill? I’ve been hunting you for so long, and it turns out you’re hiding here.” The voice came from Sam Wilson, who had just arrived!
  • Stoker’s wrist was gripped tightly as powerful hidden energy rushed to his arm. The energy snapped his arm forcefully with a loud crack, rendering it useless.
  • At the same time, there was a swooshing sound in the air behind him, causing Stoker to break out in cold sweat. This was an arrow shot by General Hyrtl. Stoker quickened his step to escape.
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