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Chapter 161 Fight with Your Life

  • Anthony glanced at the bar doors and realized that Sam and Logan had yet to show up. Damn it, it seems I have to fight by myself. I have the Venom Ossuary from Master Lou Rain, Carnelian vision and face morphing ability from the Prince of Mischief. These are my trump cards.
  • But, how should I play my hand?
  • As Anthony worked out a plan rapidly in his mind, Stoker suddenly jumped up and swooped down on him like an eagle towards its prey. At the same time, Stoker raised his feet and kicked two chairs at Anthony. Anthony did not have time to dodge and could only wave the Gelid saber before him and slashed the chairs into pieces.
  • At this moment, Anthony was forced into the corner and was trapped there.
  • “Hmph, there’s nowhere for you to run!” Stoker said and aimed a punch at Anthony’s head. His force field was so oppressive that Anthony found it difficult to breathe.
  • What to do? What to do?
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