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Chapter 16 All the Gorgeous Ladies are Mine

  • Back at the hotel, Poppy did not undress straightaway. Instead, she sat on the side of the bed and watched Anthony solemnly, “You have two options – first, if you promise to help me to secure a contract tomorrow, I will grant you a pleasurable night with me; second, I will give you a year to pursue me. If you are successful, I will be your wife!”
  • A pleasurable night? Going against the Hammel family? What kind of deal was this? But, they were a rather good deal. Poppy was a very beautiful woman. If he could sleep with someone like her, he would die without regrets. However, with such beauty, how could Anthony be satisfied with just a single night?
  • “Haha, there’s no need to think. Of course, it is the second option. You are beautiful like a flower, only a handsome man could be a worthy match to you!” Previously, Anthony would not even dare to imagine that he had a chance to be with a beautiful chairman of a company. But now that he had Carnelian vision, he felt that nothing was impossible.
  • Upon hearing Anthony’s choice, Poppy sighed in relief, “I knew you would choose that. Let me reward you!”
  • As she spoke, she gently leaned onto Anthony, and they hugged each other tightly. When they separated a while later, Poppy’s clothes were a mess, “You naughty boy. My room is next door. Have a good rest! Tomorrow, I have a meeting to discuss a contract. Once the contract is signed, I will bring you sightseeing in New York City!”
  • Anthony nodded in agreement. As he had just acquired an incredible ability, he needed time to consider his future. Previously, he planned to come to New York to look for a job. He expected to begin from an entry-level position and work nine to five. However, in just one night, he had suddenly acquired five million and had Carnelian vision. He felt that he needed to plan his future carefully.
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