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Chapter 157 Lend Me Your Girlfriend?

  • Anthony nodded. He was here for two things — to treat Traeger and to settle his Zumurrud source. Anthony didn’t want extra trouble either.
  • There were too many hidden masters in this era, so Anthony had to be extra careful, or else he might be killed by some master at any time!
  • This ring-shaped compound was Traeger’s base headquarters in Frevel. His businesses like the Zumurrud trading, procurement of mineral-based items, and many more were carried out here.
  • The place looked run down from the outside, but after Markel brought them to their rooms into the building, only then Anthony realized that this place was no lesser than a five-star hotel.
  • However, Markel had only arranged two rooms for the three people — Lothar, Anthony and Lena. How should they divide the rooms among themselves? Markel must have seen all the beautiful girls at Anthony’s villa and thought Lena and Anthony had a special relationship.
  • “So, Mr. Stewart, I shall leave you alone to rest! Don’t worry about the safety of this compound…” Before Anthony could ask Markel a question, he had already left.
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