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Chapter 151 Betrothed To You

  • “Thank you!” Anthony nodded at Bane. His perception of Bane had changed to be better. Anthony had no reason to be afraid of Mount Beastial if they wanted to continue to harm him!
  • After the departure of Bane, Cate dragged Anthony to the hospital for a proper dressing of his wound. Then, she bought him a new set of garments and headed back to the Crosby Residence with Anthony.
  • Half an hour later, they were in front of Ken Crosby’s sickbed. Anthony grasped Ken’s wrist and carefully felt his pulse. He immediately got the whole picture of Ken’s illness. Apparently, it wasn’t a huge problem. The frequent fainting he had was merely attributed to a few blocked vessels in his chest that caused an insufficient blood supply to the heart.
  • Cate asked Anthony nervously, “Anthony, how’s my grandpa doing?”
  • Anthony curled his lips into a smile. “It shouldn’t be a problem after I’m done treating him. But… How would you reward me after I’ve successfully cured your grandpa?” Although Cate was not a seasoned kisser, she had terribly tempting soft lips.
  • Cate’s cheeks turned bright pink under the intent and wanting stare of Anthony’s eyes. “You… Naughty… If you can cure grandpa, I’ll bring you on a room tour later…”
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