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Chapter 148 If You Dare!

  • As the eldest collateral apprentice of Xavier Charles, Charlie Mason had experienced many gunfights with real-live ammunition. So, it was easier for him to decide to kill someone right away. He believed that killing his enemies would cause less trouble for him in the future.
  • But Charlie had underestimated Anthony. Anthony had recently become a Class B Reiki master. In addition, Anthony had the help of his Carnelian vision. How could the Venom Arrows possibly bring him down?
  • Anthony saw the three Venom Arrows flying towards him. He quickly dodged and avoided the arrows while drawing his Gelid saber out. Using the spine of the saber, Anthony managed to whack away the three whizzing arrows.
  • Under the effects of the Exquisite Power, the three Venom Arrows flipped to the opposite directions and shot three Class D masters, who had just got out of the car behind Charlie Mason.
  • ‘Puff! Puff! Puff!’
  • Unfortunately for those masters, the attack of the arrows came too fast for them to respond. Before they realized that danger was approaching, the arrows had dived into their chests.
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