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Chapter 144 Sorry, Dad

  • Seth, who was a little frightened initially, was now trembling in fear after being reprimanded by Craig, “Sir Anthony, I... I dare not, can you change another way.”
  • Craig had been practicing martial arts all this while, and his strength and ability were relatively impressive. He had been imposing the teaching of fascism on Seth and often beat him up, so Seth was genuinely afraid of his dad.
  • Anthony did his best to embarrass the father and son today. He wasn’t going to let Seth go so easily, “Huh! Another way, okay, I'll just beat you up... …” While speaking, Anthony slapped his backhand on Seth's face again. Seth's face suddenly swelled up and bloated like a pufferfish. At this moment, he could barely see.
  • “Ah, don't. Don’t slap my face anymore, my face... It hurts so much...” Seth wailed and covered his face. He felt depressed and was on the brink of going crazy.
  • Anthony sneered and quietly took out the Venom Ossuary. He blew a syllable. Suddenly, a large group of poisonous spiders emerged from the grass by the thickets. They crawled in a formation and towards Seth. “Slap on the face? That's just one of my methods. Look, these spiders think the both of you need a life lesson too. I think they are going to chew your balls... Haha...”
  • Following Anthony’s syllable, several spiders crawled into Seth’s crotch along with the pants. Seth almost fainted, looking at the dense spiders skirted around his feet. Especially the itch he felt from the crawling bugs on his legs and wrists. Seth’s face was deformed in extreme fright, “Ah, fuck. Fuck… God... I can't take it anymore, hurry please... Let these things stop...”
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