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Chapter 140 My Sexual Allure?

  • Although Lena’s back was facing Anthony when she poured the glass of water, she did not know that Anthony could still see what was going on with his Carnelian vision. He had already seen through her mischievous plot of scalding him with boiling water. C’mon, you can do better than this.
  • Anthony smiled sweetly back at her and said, “Alright. Why don’t you come over here and feed me?” As he spoke, he gestured at Lena by slapping gently on his lap.
  • Lena gritted her teeth as she tried to suppress her anger and annoyance. I’m a lady! And you want me to sit on your lap? This bastard is lawlessly trying to take advantage of me in broad daylight!
  • Hmph. Alright. I’ll need to sacrifice the small for a bigger win. Lena managed the faintest smile and said, “Okay, Master.” She flashed her brightest, most sultry smile and nimbly sat her curvaceous body into Anthony’s embrace. Ever so gently, she raised the glass close to Anthony’s lips.
  • Nevertheless, Anthony was not eager at all to take a sip. He took the time to maneuver his palm across the small of her back, and in full admiration, he said, “Your body is exquisite. Looks like I’m in luck.”
  • Lena froze at Anthony’s touch and felt herself go red, her heart racing like a wild stallion. Lena had previously harbored a fondness towards Bernard Barnes, but the two had never had any physical intimacy such as this. As she caught the scent of Anthony, she found herself just a tiny bit attracted to the man she was supposed to loathe. What is going on?
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