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Chapter 14 Keep a Low Profile

  • Anthony coughed, “Oh, it’s nothing. Such an ignorant boy, I told him not to recognize me in public. One should keep a low profile in New York, isn’t it?”
  • “…” Peter and Steven looked at each other. They pointed their middle fingers at Anthony at the same time.
  • As the men were talking, Poppy came up to them in a white dress. Her slim waist swayed alluringly with every step she took. “Steven, how was it? Did Anthony lose all your plaques?”
  • From her previous conversation with Anthony, Poppy knew that he was a fresh graduate. So, she assumed that he didn’t know how to gamble. Furthermore, the dealers were experts. As he had won, Poppy thought that his luck was unbelievably good.
  • Anthony smirked, “Oh, I was just playing. It’s true! I didn’t win too much, it was all luck…”
  • “He won five million, and both of us won ten million each by following him!” Steven couldn’t stand Anthony’s pretense and had cut in to explain.
  • Five million? That much?
  • Poppy covered her mouth with her hand and looked around. Her gaze landed on Justin. “After winning so much, you think that he would just let you go? You really don’t know your place!”
  • Anyone who had been to a casino knew this. It was wise to stop after a small win. If a person kept winning, there would be bad consequences.
  • From her understanding, although Steven and Peter had each won ten million, they would still be free to leave. After all, they were from prominent families in New York. Even if Justin was unhappy, he would not dare to do anything to them. However, Anthony was different. He was a nobody. Although he was clever, that was not enough to win against Justin’s men.
  • “Well, we will know when we try.” Anthony winked at Poppy and waved at Justin, who stood nearby, “You there, can you come here?”
  • When Justin saw Anthony looking at him, he felt a wave of anger. Bastard, hasn’t he humiliated me enough, and now he wants to humiliate me again? But, Justin thought of the scary things that the Third Master could do to him. So, he had no choice but to obey Anthony.
  • “Master Anthony, how may I help you?” Justin bowed politely to Anthony. He looked like a lowly servant in that posture.
  • Poppy looked at Justin and then at Anthony with wide eyes. She wondered what had happened between them. She had just seen Justin being humiliated by Anthony in front of everyone. Was Justin a masochist? Was that why he enjoyed being humiliated?
  • Anthony pointed at Poppy and said, “Let me ask you, whose wife is she?”
  • Justin felt as if someone had punched his chest. His heart felt as if it was about to explode from anger, “Yes. She is your wife, Master Anthony. You and Miss Perkins are a match made in heaven!” Justin thickened his face and said solemnly, all the while cursing Anthony in his heart.
  • Anthony nodded with satisfaction, “Not bad, you have good judgment. Also, I have won a lot of money from your casino. Do you have any objections? If you do, would you like me to return the money to you?”