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Chapter 113 Knocked Out With a Stick

  • The four Class A experts who had just rushed to Bernard’s side saw that Anthony was not planning to attack Bernard but instead jumped into the sewers. They were all stunned.
  • Damn it, that bastard thought of running away through the sewers?
  • Bernard was also stunned. Seeing that Anthony had disappeared into the manhole, he stood and shouted, “Useless idiots! Why are you all still standing there? Go in and kill that bastard!”
  • Damn it, if I allow Anthony to escape, what would happen afterwards? Anthony knows Wade Wallace. I am afraid that he would tell on me to his powerful friends. I must kill Anthony quickly, or else there would be disasters.
  • The four Class A experts were apprehensive as they looked into the pitch-black manhole. However, they did not dare to disobey the young master’s orders. They had no choice but to switch on their torch lights and force themselves to jump into the manhole.
  • Right after the Class A experts went into the sewers, back on the ground level, a few of the bodyguards around Bernard screamed, “Argh, snakes! So many snakes… Centipedes…”
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