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Chapter 111 Getting Him Killed

  • The guards on surveillance were a little confused, “Young Master, don’t you have Class S experts with you? Why not let them attack with him?” Anthony was only a Class C, so if the Class S experts attacked him, he would die!
  • Bernard Barnes berated, “Bastards, of course I have considered this! Anthony’s Class S expert is currently circling near my hotel! Idiots, what if he suddenly decided to kill me? Scram, stop bothering me! Just do what you’re told!”
  • Although his family had sent him Class S experts, Bernard was afraid that Obsidian Witch would attack him. So, he had to ensure that the Class S experts stayed by his side to protect him. Also, even before coming to Mississippi, the Class S experts had informed him that they would only be responsible for protecting Bernard and would not assassinate anyone for him. As such, it was impossible to ask them to attack Anthony.
  • Upon arriving at the Perkins family villa, Anthony stopped the car and made out with Poppy, causing her clothes to become disorderly. As Poppy stepped down from the car, she seemed embarrassed and grumbled playfully, “You’re bad, Anthony. Very bad!” Despite what she said, she seemed satisfied.
  • After having dinner with Anthony’s parents, Poppy knew that her status as his girlfriend was secure. Furthermore, she and Anthony were quite intimate, so she believed that he would not abandon her.
  • Anthony reached and caressed Poppy’s chin while smiling devilishly, “I thought women like bad boys. Poppy, I’ll pick you up tomorrow at one o’clock in the afternoon. We need to deal with your troublesome uncle once and for all!”
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