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Chapter 109 A Rich Daughter-in-Law

  • Randy knew that Anthony was deliberately making it difficult for him. Randy did feel embarrassed with so many relatives around. However, Randy weighed the pros and cons briefly and soon reached a decision.
  • “Anthony, I was mistaken for doubting you. I shouldn’t have belittled you, mocked you, and underestimated you… It’s all my fault. I really need your help. After all, aren’t we blood-related? If you need anything in the future, I will do my best to help you if you can help me now.”
  • Now, Randy truly believed that Anthony was successful. Being able to buy a Land Rover meant that he was wealthy. However, money could not have bought him great friends like Ryan.
  • Anthony was a little surprised to see that Randy was willing to humble himself. He was pretty impressed with Randy and thought that he possessed great potential to succeed.
  • At this thought, Anthony reached out and patted Randy’s shoulders, “Randy, I was just joking. I hope you don’t mind. After all, aren’t we cousins? I’ll be going to the minister’s house tomorrow, so come along if you can! However, I feel I need to remind you. One should not be too arrogant, do you understand? Staying low-key is the secret to success!”
  • “Yes, Anthony. I understand. I will always keep that in mind!” Randy was about to leap with joy upon hearing Anthony’s agreement to help him.
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