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Chapter 107 Snobbish People

  • “Dad, I’m not lying. Poppy Perkins is really my girlfriend… She…” Anthony touched the back of his head. He could have easily dodged Harold Stewart’s slap with his abilities, but Anthony respected his father very much, so he did not dodge.
  • Before Anthony could finish speaking, Harold scrunched his brow and scolded, “Silence! Don’t lie. If she is your girlfriend, bring her over to meet us during dinner.”
  • “Anthony, your dad’s right! We are poor. Although we’re doing much better now, we still need to be honest!” Marie Stewart did not believe him either.
  • Anthony shrugged in frustration and gave Poppy a call before his parents. “Poppy, my parents would like to see you tonight. Can you come over?”
  • On the other end, Poppy was suddenly bashful, “Ah, so soon. I… I’m not prepared… What should I wear and what should I get for gifts…” Poppy really liked Anthony. Otherwise, she would not have been intimate with him that night.
  • Now, Anthony suddenly asked her to meet his parents. Although Poppy was a little flustered, she was actually thrilled! Anthony was constantly surrounded by girls, and according to Louis’ plan, there would be even more in the future. But, she was the first woman Anthony would bring to meet his parents. So, Poppy did not want to miss such a special honor.
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