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Chapter 100 Listen Up, Don't Move

  • Gerald was irritated by his bunch of idling bodyguards. They stood and froze on the spot and did nothing to help. That was unbelievable!
  • “Yes, yes! Boss!” A few bodyguards hurriedly responded to Gerald. They turned around and yelled at Anthony, “Kid, stand still. Our boss asked us to punch you!”
  • “...” Gerald was astounded by his bodyguards. Are they mentally retarded? Did they ask Anthony to stop moving so that they could punch him? Did you think he’s a fool? Just go ahead and beat the fuck out of him already!
  • Anthony couldn't help but smile upon looking at the bunch of silly bodyguards, “Okay. Come on now, I promise not to move!” Now, Anthony was at the peak of Class C abilities. He didn’t bother these ordinary masters with mediocre abilities.
  • Seeing the bodyguards rushing over, Anthony stood still and let one of the bodyguards punch him on the shoulder. The hidden energy in Anthony's body surged when the punch landed on Anthony's shoulder, and the hidden energy gathered the impact on the bodyguard's fist.
  • With a crisp sound, the gathered hidden energy bounced back and smashed the bodyguard's fist into pieces.
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