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Chapter 6

  • Boity looked at the two and pretended to be surprised.
  • " owh great you guys know each other, Ciara care to tell me how you met?" she then let out a cunning smile.
  • Ciara looked very miserable, ' heck I knew getting in this car was a bad idea'
  • "We dated" that response came from the driver himself. Upon hearing that Ciara glared at Dex as is she would skin him alive if he did not zip his mouth the very moment.
  • As if rubbing salt in the wound, Boity continued " is that so? Well honestly I don't mind that all. Ciara don't feel bad ok, I know Dex loves me the most. I trust him."
  • Ciara only smiled at her. " I see".
  • It was as if the heavens were with her, as she noticed that they had arrived at the filming site, she took that as her que to leave that embarrassing moment.
  • She immediately got out of the car as soon as it entered the parking space, she did not even wait for the car to fully stop. Yep that's how anxious she was to get out of that freaking embarrassing situation.
  • As soon as she got out she spotted the director that she had spoken to before coming to the site.
  • "Director"
  • "you are here, great let me introduce you to everyone here." he led her to team, starting from the videographer or camera men then to props team not forgetting to explain the responsibilities of every one involved in the process of making her movie a reality. He the introduced all the cast members to her, from the male lead to the extras. Everyone welcomed her warmly. There wasn't much to farce about as she was not going to be their competition as far as work is concerned. "unfortunately I introduce you to the female lead, as she hasn't joined the cast yet. But don't you worry she'll arrive tomorrow and you will be able to see he tomorrow in the evening during the welcoming dinner party."
  • Well to Ciara that did not really matter, as long as she'll be there when filming starts. So they then started chatting for a while about not so important stuff.
  • After their meals, everyone started chatting in groups trying to get to know each other, in this industry connections are important to get ahead.
  • Director Sammie then came to Ciara again to check up her, to make sure she was settling in well.
  • "Ms Williams I forgot to introduce you to one of the the investors, he is here today to also inspect everything. Come with me". He then pulled her towards the temporary office that were set up by the crew. When they entered she noticed that Dex was tnere, she immediately became gloomy. ' why the heck do i have to meet this guy everywhere, for heaven's sake, can't he give me a break'.
  • She went in, stifled her annoyance and forced a smile..
  • " so Ciara this is Mr Dexter, he's one of our investors, you'll be seeing more of him in the coming few day"
  • Hearing that she was so angry that she wanted to strangle Dexter right at that moment, but she was at work so she had to be professional. She tried hard to suppress what she was really feeling and greeted the fellow.
  • "Mr Dexter, thank you for investing".
  • Dexter only looked at her with a smile and then nodded. Seeing that there wasn't much going on plus she couldn't stand Dexter's presence, she decided to head back to the hotel.
  • " Director if there isn't anything to do, I'd like to head back first." the director was understanding so he let her leave without any hassle. She then went back, she was so angry that she failed to see the scenery outside through the window on her way to the hotel. All she could think of was that bastard who ruined her day. 'what right does he have to just come here and ruin my day, he is nothing but a bastard, humpf'.
  • As soon as she reached her hotel, all she could think about was an antidote for her anger, something to relieve the stress, she headed straight to the wine cooler in her room.
  • "alcohol, alcohol, alcohol" this was all that came out of her mouth as she opened the wine and poured it in her glass, it was only after her first sip that she realized that it was dry wine that had opened. Heck as long as it could numb the pain, she didn't care that it was bitter. She frowned as she drank her first two glasses, after that she that it was one of the smoothest wine she ever had.
  • She then took her phone and scrolled through the contact list and stopped on number before calling it. It wasn't long before the call was connected. She didn't even wait for the person on the other side to speak.
  • " you know what I hate the most?.... Its when the person I hate just shows up out of nowhere, stays at same hotel as me, the worst of it all i have to tolerate him cause guess what?, he is one of the freacken investors, I'm so livid right now you don't know".
  • The man on the other side of the phone frowned a little before asking, " are you drunk?".