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Chapter 95 A Haunting

  • After dinner, Casper suggested that they visit Horington food street. Everything was already in place at Horington food street. Earlier, Casper had commanded the installation of pinhole cameras at multiple locations distributed along the length of the street.
  • Casper's intention for heading there that day was not to partake in the sumptuous fare offered all along the street. Rather, he wanted to capture those who were the masterminds of the fabled haunting of Horington food street.
  • Stallion had helpfully brought a few of his lackeys along to add to their numbers.
  • Elena had been intimidated at first, but her curiosity soon convinced her to trail along.
  • She now sat inside one of the shops that had a clear view of the street outside, which she nervously glanced at intermittently.
  • Two strapping brutes sat on either side of Elena, dwarfing her petite frame. They sat staring ahead gravely, entirely focused on watching over Elena's safety.
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