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Chapter 93 Twist The Truth

  • As Giselle took Casper to a packed, public place, those muscular men were still hot on their trail.
  • She shot a look at him, and he nodded reluctantly before dashing into the crowd nearby.
  • Seeing him sprinting away all of a sudden, the men behind them also ran in that direction. Meanwhile, Giselle quickly dashed in another direction and kept glancing back to check on his condition.
  • After she was sure that Casper had outrun them, she heaved a sigh of relief and strode toward the place they had agreed on beforehand.
  • While over on the other side, Casper was slumped in his seat in a restaurant. Upon seeing Giselle coming inside, he immediately sat straight and acted nonchalantly.
  • However, she had seen it all and chuckled as she walked toward him. “You can sit however you want.”
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