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Chapter 92 He Is Targeted

  • The glimmer of excitement in Elena's eyes became brighter and brighter as Casper continued to share with her the plan he had in mind.
  • Establishing an exotic-themed food street after debunking the circulating ghost stories here is such a clever idea! No doubt this unique food street will cause a sensation!
  • In an instant, her respect and admiration for Casper grew. She thought he would suffer a loss in his current investment, but little did she know that he had long had a strategy in mind.
  • “Your idea is amazing! When shall we begin?” she exclaimed excitedly.
  • She could hardly wait to invite people from various television stations to come and spread the news to the public.
  • He patted her shoulder with a grin. “There is no need to hurry. First, we need to investigate the background of the person who purposely makes this place appear haunted.”
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