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Chapter 89 The Slap Mark

  • Amelia's eyes were filled with tears that streaked down her cheeks endlessly. She had a listless gaze and a slap mark on her left cheek.
  • She covered her face quickly, as she didn't want Casper to see her like that.
  • After all, she felt that she look utterly miserable.
  • Casper swallowed the urge to demand answers at once. Lowering his voice to a whisper, he asked, “What happened? Who bullied you? You can tell me, and I will seek revenge for you.”
  • As his eyes began to fill with anger, Casper was going to make whoever hurt Amelia pay.
  • Glancing at Casper, Amelia bit her lip and shook her head. Her hair gently swayed along with her movement.
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