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Chapter 82 Buying Horington Food Street

  • “This meal alone could cost his living expenses for half a month.” David tried to humiliate Casper, at the same time trying to show off in front of Rosaline.
  • “I think his major is finance and management. How could such a poor guy like him be in such a good college? Now I remember. The last time I went to Youngster Cafe, I saw him working as a waiter there.”
  • “What's in his mind to come to this college? I bet he wants to be part of the rich community.”
  • “We're from different worlds. Don't invite him please.”
  • Most of the members looked down on Casper just like Sarah.
  • “If our club didn't need someone to pick the ball, I would never allow him to join.” David was still pissed with the previous incident.
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