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Chapter 79 Rosaline

  • The girl's name was Sarah Jung. Within the table tennis club, she and David were basically cut from the same cloth. The two of them despised Casper.
  • The rest who were standing around David and Sarah were members of the table tennis club, just like Casper.
  • Casper kept a low profile on purpose. The school did not deliberately publicize the donation the other day, so naturally, not many people knew about it. Even if someone did, at best it would only be talked about for several days.
  • A week had passed since then. Only a handful of people still remembered what happened.
  • “Forget it. We'll begin practice now. As usual, your job is to pick up the balls for us.”
  • Sarah chose to ignore Casper. Instead, she turned around to speak to the other club members. “Everyone, we'll be practicing the basics today. And we have a ball boy now. So, let's not waste any more time and start your training.”
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