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Chapter 78 Table Tennis Club

  • One glance at her told him that she was underfed and obviously still hungry. Gosh, she's poorer than I am, yet she treated me to dinner yesterday! What a nice girl! We've only just met, but she's so considerate.
  • Of course, Casper had no idea of knowing what was going on in Amelia's head. If he did, he might not know how to react. The truth was, she was born that way. She would not gain weight no matter how much she ate. She would not call herself skinny. She was just “dapper”.
  • Growl...
  • Amelia barely finished talking when her stomach decided to protest, telling her that it was fed up with her lies.
  • Instantly, her face flushed red with embarrassment.
  • Casper regretted not having gone to the cafeteria to get some food first before coming to meet her. He could have shared the food with her.
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