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Chapter 77 An Upset Casper

  • Casper had a hunch that the young man before him was not just any other rich kid coming from a wealthy family. He showed no sign of fear just now; looks like he's seen the world.
  • After being forgiven by Felix, the young man turned around, and the frustration on his face earlier on had vanished. He flung the leather bag on his shoulder and walked over to Casper, giving him a thumbs up. “Never have I yielded to anyone who showed off in front of me, but I have to say that you're the first person who convinced me of your ability today.”
  • “Convinced? I'm just keeping a low profile,” Casper grinned and waved his hand in modesty.
  • “Alright, low profile it is then. We shall consider this matter ironed out now. Let me introduce myself. I'm Joshua Smith, and I've come to Horington to settle something,” Joshua was all smiles as he reached out his hand to Casper.
  • “Nice to meet you. I'm Casper Simpson.” Casper shook his hand as though they were old friends who hadn't met each other in a long time.
  • “Casper, you're my friend now. I still have matters to attend to, so I got to go now. Let's grab a drink together when we have the chance next time,” Joshua returned excitedly. After exchanging contacts with Casper, he hailed a taxi and left.
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