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Chapter 76 Apology

  • “Damn it, I just got this new car which cost me several million, and this tramp here can't afford to compensate for my loss, so I beat him up. Do you have a problem with that? Why don't you help him pay me then!”
  • The young man sized Casper up and taunted him, “You're not just paying lip service, are you? A few million is not a trivial amount.”
  • “How much is it exactly?” As Casper took a glance at the scratch and then at the bruises on Felix's face, his voice turned icy.
  • “I can tell that you're penniless as well, and you're still playing the big shot in front of me.”
  • The young man in a suit glared at Casper with a disdainful look and added, “I'll tell you what. Don't play rich if you're broke, because you'll not only fail to show off, but you might also lose everything.”
  • Casper bore a faint smile on his face and patted Felix on his shoulder as he comforted him, “Felix, don't worry, just leave it to me.”
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