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Chapter 74 Kindness

  • I will end up getting him in trouble if I tell him the truth and he acted impulsively to try to help me.
  • Amelia would never do anything to hurt an innocent bystander.
  • “You can talk to me. Trust me. I can help,” offered Casper with a genuine heart. He had a pleasant grin on as he stared at Amelia.
  • Casper knew what Amelia was thinking, but more than that, he understood her. She doesn't know that the person who rescued her is the heir of the Simpson family and has the power to pretty much alter reality.
  • Amelia turned to the man sitting beside her. His gaze is so clear, warm, and kind.
  • She noticed that he had a mesmerizing aura that could make women swoon in the sense of security he inspired. It was the kind of strength that radiated from the deeper parts of his soul, and she was tempted to rest her head on his shoulder. She wanted that sense of security to wrap her up.
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