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Chapter 71 A Drop Of Tear

  • Casper stared. He didn't want to butt in.
  • “Ugh, this is no fun.”
  • It seemed that the bullies lost interest when Amelia refused to react to them. They kicked her and almost got her to fall before letting her go.
  • Despite all that, Amelia never fought back. It was as if she didn't know how to resist at all. With everyone staring in distaste, she bought an enormous cup of cappuccino and left with her head down.
  • “Women nowadays really are pretentious. She is so obviously poor, but she still insisted on getting a cup of expensive coffee. That coffee was probably equivalent to her parents' wage for the week,” sighed an onlooker. Most shared the same opinion. They pitied the girl and were angry at her at the same time.
  • Casper sighed internally as well. What a waste.
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