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Chapter 69 The Troubled Giselle

  • Casper wanted to tell Giselle that he was Mr. Simpson, but he hadn't figured out a way to deal with the matter. Giselle was his teacher at that moment, and he would be in a heap of trouble if he got under her skin.
  • It was just like how an ordinary man would worry before professing his love. There was a good chance that his friendship with the woman he loved would fall apart if she didn't feel the same. That was why he had to be careful.
  • Casper was already a millionaire at the time, but some things were simply beyond the reach of money.
  • Giselle was never one to crave wealth. She would not sleep with anyone for money, nor would she betray her heart and soul for it.
  • “I'd really like to meet that Mr. Simpson. I wonder what he looks like and whether he is married...” muttered Giselle as she turned around to leave. Her tone was alluring and filled with so much anticipation that Casper was tempted to change his mind. He wanted to confess that he was the young and rich Mr. Simpson she was talking about.
  • What is Giselle thinking? Why does she want to know if he's married? I-is she falling for him?
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