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Chapter 68 Under The Same Roof

  • Giselle couldn't be bothered about keeping her image intact anymore. In fact, she was practically gobbling the food down like a pig. Something like that would never have happened in the past.
  • Her reaction was understandable. After all, Casper's meatball spaghetti was borderline perfect. The juicy meatball, the incredible sauce, the spaghetti made just right... Every bite was heavenly bliss.
  • Casper was a little stunned when he saw how Giselle ate like she was going to swallow the entire bowl down. He didn't expect his spaghetti to be so well-received. Okay, I did not see that coming.
  • Giselle tilted her head up and looked at Casper upon sensing his gaze on her. She asked curiously, “What's wrong? Don't just sit there and watch. You should chow down too. Didn't you say that you're hungry as well?”
  • “Right, I should eat.”
  • Casper picked up his fork and tasted his spaghetti. It's not that good, thought Casper. He didn't use any complicated culinary skills, and that wasn't even a third of what he was capable of. Yet, Giselle had already turned into a mindless glutton...
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