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Chapter 67 Where Is Mister Simpson

  • To Giselle, Casper really was somewhat of an enigma. There was too much mystery surrounding him. Just the other day, he even made one million donations.
  • Is he from a wealthy family? But why couldn't he pay his school fees? Why does he eat people's leftovers in the cafeteria? His actions really don't match his status if that were true.
  • Giselle took a look at Casper's cheap and tacky outfit. It doesn't make sense.
  • “Sure! I'd love to. What do you want to talk about, Ms. Clauder? I'll tell you everything I know.”
  • Casper would never want to miss a chance like that.
  • Are we talking about life? Or are we talking about something else? It's a little too fast, but I don't mind talking about something else. I like it.
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