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Chapter 65 The Underwear Thieves

  • Jim and Bobby were the ones that Casper and his friends got into a fight with back then, but Casper only wanted to beat Charlie down and forgotten about them.
  • Nonetheless, he remembered the injuries that Felix, Remy, and Colton suffered and got even madder. He had been looking for a chance to deal with those two for some time. And now, by god's grace, he found one.
  • Even though he did pummel Charlie into the ground and got his revenge.
  • “You perverts really are something, huh? Stealing Ms. Clauder's underwear? Do you want to die?” Casper walked straight over.
  • He looked at them with rage-filled eyes. He was extremely upset at what was going on, and his fist flew right at the two.
  • Jim was caught off guard, not that it mattered, seeing that Casper was too fast. His fist smashed right onto Jim's face, and blood came spewing out of his nostrils. Thank goodness I dodge that. I really don't want bloodstains on my shirt.
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