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Chapter 63 Brothers For Life

  • The three of them all looked mad with anger in their eyes, but Casper was glad. That was an indication that they were true friends that would do anything for each other.
  • “Don't worry. I'll bring you guys along next time, okay?” Casper raised both his hands up, appeasing them. He did not want to dwell on the subject any longer than needed.
  • “Hmph. That's more like it.”
  • Felix looked satisfied after hearing that and gave Casper a pat on the shoulder before turning over to chat with Wendy.
  • Nevertheless, Casper could still see that neither Remy nor Colton was talking to Nancy, Jenny, or Mandy. He had to ask Lillian to comfort Mandy even though she wanted to sit with him since Mandy's day was awful, to say the least.
  • After that, Casper went on to talk with Remy and Colton about something else rather than the incident prior.
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