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Chapter 62 The Pretty Policewoman

  • “Do you have any brains at all? How is this a treasure map?” Casper said incredulously. “It's a child's drawing! How did you manage to survive as a human trafficker when you can't even discern this?”
  • Casper shook his head in disbelief. He tore up the map with one swift motion, then forced Brandon's bank account password out of him. Mournfully, Brandon watched as Casper transferred the million back to himself.
  • “Listen up! You've been surrounded. Come out with your hands where we can see them!”
  • Right after Casper had initiated the transfer, a loud voice thundered from beyond the doors of the monastery. To everyone's surprise, it was unmistakably female.
  • Seeing that Brandon had lost all ability to retaliate, Casper flung open the door of the monastery.
  • “Don't move! Come out with your hands up!” A clear voice rang out solemnly. Casper squinted in the direction of its speaker, and his eyes widened upon catching sight of her.
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