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Chapter 60 Broom Versus Blade

  • “A fund transfer, of course! Do you think I'm an idiot? If I am seen carrying so much cash with me, I'm going to get arrested!” Brandon's face was full of skepticism.
  • He watched Casper intently. If Casper committed a single misstep, Brandon would not hesitate to crush him.
  • “I'll transfer the funds to you, then. What's your bank account number? I'll transfer a million to you,” Casper replied coolly. He opened his mobile banking app and looked at Brandon expectantly.
  • Brandon eyed the luminous screen on Casper's phone. Even from a distance, he could clearly see the bank's logo displayed across the top of the screen. Reassured that Casper was not deceiving him, Brandon let his guard down slightly.
  • “It's six-two...” Brandon rattled off the string of numbers that comprised his bank account number.
  • Brandon resolved to commence negotiations only upon receiving the one million. Casper was a wealthy fellow, and Brandon was determined to milk him for as much as possible. After all, Brandon had not agreed on the conditions to let Casper go. While Casper was still transferring the million to Brandon's account, the latter had already set his sights on Casper's exclusive black card.
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