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Chapter 59 A Crafty Man

  • Furthermore, the weather was scorching hot lately and the coolest place in the monastery was the main hall.
  • Hence, Brandon had talked loudly to himself and left for the backyard on purpose, so that he could bait Casper out. However, he didn't expect his ruse to have succeeded.
  • When Mandy saw Brandon enter the hall, her whole body began to tremble. Despite coming from a poor family, she had never been kidnapped before.
  • “I'm sure you didn't expect me to return suddenly, right? Today, you can forget about escaping as I will bury you here myself!”
  • When Brandon saw that Casper didn't respond, he assumed that he was frightened stiff. As his expression darkened, he gave both Mandy and Casper a demonic stare.
  • At the same time, he reached for his waist and drew his dagger out, brandishing it in the air.
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