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Chapter 58 You Are A Villain

  • Kicking someone when they were down had always been an important principle in combat.
  • Therefore, Casper wasn't going to waste the golden opportunity. The very next moment, he rained a flurry of blows down on John. The speed and power with which he did so were so fast and furious that John didn't even have the chance to defend himself. In less than a few minutes, he too was beaten to a pulp.
  • With his body covered in blood, he looked especially pitiful.
  • “How dare you kidnap my friend and plan to sully her? Give me a reason why I shouldn't break your limbs?”
  • Staring at John, who was slump on the ground and gasping for air, Casper let out a smirk as he raised his fists.
  • “You b*stard. I'm going to kill you...”
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