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Chapter 54 Fake Monks

  • Casper's heart sank when he heard their words. He now realized this was a place where human traffickers gathered. Judging from their voices, he figured there were three of them. Piecing together all the information he had, he was also certain that Mandy was inside.
  • Furthermore, given that these men were extremely dangerous, he knew he had to tread carefully.
  • In truth, what relieved him was the fact that the lookout didn't get a good look at his face. Therefore, he still had the element of surprise.
  • “Should I let Felix and the others know?”
  • Casper carefully scrutinized his surroundings. After the brutal training he had gone through, his sensory perception was so attuned that he could see and hear everything.
  • Even the most minute detail would not escape his perception.
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