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Chapter 51 A Low Profile

  • As such, the three other boys turned to look at Casper, expecting him to do something about the situation. Casper did not know how to react to that. It seemed that he had more responsibilities since he became richer. It was not surprising that people often said that having more money was not necessarily something good because it came with more obligations.
  • “Wait here. I'll get a taxi.”
  • Recalling that there was an MPV in Tycoon Hotel that could accommodate all of them, Casper went ahead to give them a call.
  • At that moment, Felix, Colton and Remy walked over. They thought Casper was acting oddly, so they came over to check on him.
  • “Casper, is everything okay?” one of them asked.
  • Another pitched in, “Just let us know if it is inconvenient. We can always get the taxi.”
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