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Chapter 50 Falling Deeper

  • To his surprise, Lillian laughed so hard at his words that she was shaking. She also stared at him like he was an idiot.
  • “What are you laughing at?” Tom questioned.
  • Rolling her eyes, Lillian pointed to herself and challenged, “Do you take me for a gold digger? I'm sorry to tell you that my boyfriend, Casper Simpson, has just donated a million yesterday. Now, do you still think that you are richer than him?”
  • “Hmph, that's nothing. His dad probably gave him the money anyway. What is so great about him when he is merely spending someone else's money?”
  • After a short pause, Tom gulped and added, “If he is capable enough, he should make money on his own, and I will hail him as a true hero then. Lillian, if you go with him, you will likely end up poor. When you go hungry in the future, it'll be too late to regret the decisions you made.”
  • “Regret? I will never regret the things I do. Casper will always be mine!” Lilian stubbornly declared with a serious look on her face.
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