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Chapter 49 Gathering On The Weekend

  • “It must be that dreadful guy! He kept trying to steal my limelight. Ah, he is courting death!”
  • Hearing that Casper might be Mr. Simpson, Sawyer popped a vein and demanded, “Look for a chance to lure him out, and teach him a lesson.”
  • “Sawyer, I don't think you have to see him again. You can get rid of him by getting someone else to do the dirty work for you,” Sax suggested while making a gesture to slit his throat. His eyes were burning with anger.
  • “I'll leave this to you then. Remember not to leave any traces behind,” Sawyer ordered.
  • Then, he took a deep breath, his eyes flashed with hatred.
  • It did not take a genius to guess what Sax meant. Clearly, he wanted to teach Casper a lesson and make it clear that no one could mess with Sawyer.
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