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Chapter 45 Call Me Boss

  • “Casper's such a cheap*ss. Even if he tossed his spare change on the floor, I wouldn't pick it up.”
  • “We should organize a fundraiser for him instead, haha! I'll lead the donation; does anyone else want to chip in? Gather around and sign up with me!”
  • He did not believe that Casper could ever be wealthy. So what if he visited the Rosen Bank? Charlie teased Casper mercilessly, and Kitty naturally joined in.
  • Recently, Kitty had been privy to the mockery of other students. They claimed that she had given up on Casper prematurely before discovering his wealthy background.
  • Kitty's hatred for Casper only grew as the rumors swirled.
  • “I don't need anyone's help. I can't believe you would use a donation to make fun of someone.”
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