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Chapter 44 The Donation

  • Casper had always stayed out of trouble in the past; he could not afford the monetary settlements otherwise. His current situation was different. Even if he injured others in fights, he could comfortably pay off their treatment fees.
  • Truthfully, he cared less about his finances. So what if Charlie's padded in the pockets? I'll teach him a lesson first.
  • Casper proceeded to beat Charlie up while his friends kept others from approaching the two.
  • Years of indulgence in alcohol and women meant that Charlie's weak physique was no match for Casper. He lay sprawled on the ground after two quick moves.
  • Casper sat on Charlie and slapped his annoying face.
  • With Felix and his friends holding off the crowd, Casper did not have to watch his back. Frankly, it would have been easy to take out Charlie and his lackeys anyway, even if he had been alone.
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