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Chapter 42 His First Project

  • “Everything is still possible; after all, the Sands Project is still in your hands. It'll work out as long as you manage it diligently,” Casper told Steed seriously.
  • I can't afford to pour my attention into this project right now; there are other things for me to do.
  • Casper was determined to become the heir apparent to the Simpson family. I need to earn the ten billion first.
  • “Casper, I think your ideas are decent, but we need to think ahead.” Steed paused before continuing in an apologetic tone, “I'm not trying to raise the price on purpose, but I'm in a difficult spot. Darwin Corporations is interested in the Sands Project as well.”
  • “Darwin Corporations? George Darwin's company? Why are they interested in this project?”
  • Casper frowned at the turn of events. He had never expected Darwin Corporations to get involved.
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