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Chapter 40 Join Hands With Serpent

  • As Tristan spoke of his offer, he stared at Casper with an air of confidence.
  • If this guy becomes my subordinate, no doubt my influence in Horington will soar, and I might even have the chance to beat Hector and become the leader of Firewolf Chamber. For years, I've been searching for a man with physical prowess to assist me.
  • Seeing that Casper was not replying to him, Tristan continued, “You're a smart person, so I believe you'll make the correct choice. The salary offered by Firewolf Chamber is not low at all. You can get at least a hundred thousand per month. Isn't it a tempting offer?”
  • After that, he glanced at Steed and Stallion and added, “As long as you agree to work for me, I'll let you have a ten percent share of Sands Project. That would give you a dividend of six hundred thousand per year.”
  • The offer he made was rather generous and tempting for an ordinary person.
  • Hearing Tristan's statement, Steed's heart sank. He knew that if Casper were to turn against him, even if he called all of his subordinates to come, they would not be able to stop Casper as well.
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