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Chapter 38 Just An Onlooker

  • Steed, in my opinion, is just a pathetic wretch, and his son is even more useless. They can't manage Sands Project well.
  • Sands Project was situated at a high-traffic, strategic place. No doubt it would reap huge profits. That was why Tristan was interested in taking it over.
  • Otherwise, he would not have spent so much effort on it.
  • Steed scoffed loudly upon hearing Tristan's words.
  • Tristan is nothing but an ingrate!
  • “Why don't you give it to me? Is it because you want to pass it to your good-for-nothing son?” Tristan curled his lips in disdain. “Haha. Even if you pass it to that piece of trash, do you think he can retain the ownership for long? After all, it'll fall into my hands no matter what. Perhaps your son would have been dead by that time, too.”
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