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Chapter 37 One Of The Enemy

  • “Why can't I mention it? If I tell your Dad, won't he be able to take revenge on your behalf?” Casper asked patronizingly. He gestured towards Elena and himself, adding, “Look, there's only the two of us. If your Dad wants to harm us, we won't be able to run away. You'd be able to get back at us then.”
  • Casper's confidence made Elena smile wryly.
  • “Casper, you're the boss, OK? If Dad finds out, he won't take revenge for me. He'll ask you to hit me another few times! I don't want to oppose you anymore. Have mercy on me, Casper! I promise I'll never collect protection money there again,” Stallion whined, wringing his hands.
  • Stallion knew full well his father's character. In his mind, he greatly preferred being at Casper's mercy than having Steed find out that Stallion had been thus disgraced.
  • Besides, the Firewolf Chamber of Commerce had always been a sore spot for Steed. If Casper exposed Stallion's tattoo, it would only serve to agitate Steed even more.
  • The Sands Project had been lagging behind Marine Luxworld of late. In addition to the financial stress the failure of the Sands Project exerted on Steed, he was further burdened by the constant harassment from the Firewolf Chamber of Commerce.
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