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Chapter 36 Seeking Revenge

  • “Are you asking me to help them?” Casper darted a look at the Langstons, then gave them a sly smile. He leaned towards Elena's ear and whispered seductively, “How will you reward me, then?”
  • Elena blushed furiously under the gazes of everyone present. She reeled slightly, saying as she bit her lip, “I'll treat you to a few more suppers, OK?”
  • She dared not meet Casper's eyes that were watching her intently. With his piercing gaze, it seemed as if Casper was staring right into Elena's soul. Her heart was beating so maniacally that Elena thought she might faint.
  • “Not bad. All right,” Casper said, smirking at the sight of Elena's lovely, bashful face. He strode to the door of the restaurant and bellowed at Stallion's departing figure, “Stallion! Get back here!”
  • Stallion had not intended to stay a second longer than he could help it. However, he had injured his leg during his fall. Even though he was limping away as fast as he could, supported by his lackeys, Stallion had not managed to vanish from sight quickly enough.
  • Stallion's courage entirely failed when he heard Casper howling his name. His knees buckled, and Stallion would have crumbled to the ground entirely if not for his lackeys supporting him on either side.
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