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Chapter 34 A Tremendous Joke

  • Stallion sauntered before the front counter as boldly as if he was the owner of the restaurant. He picked up a piece of meat that was still simmering on the grill and popped it straight into his mouth. He nearly burnt his tongue, however. Incensed by the pain, Stallion swept the remaining meat off the grill with his hand and onto the floor. He then stomped on them furiously, leaving bits of smashed meat littered over the floor.
  • Larry watched Stallion's crude show of bravado helplessly. His mind was desperately thinking of the money he carried in his fanny pack. It was money Larry had set aside to pay for Candace's medical bills, along with the household's daily expenses. Larry could not bear to deliver his money into the hands of these ruffians.
  • “You clearly have money! You're just unwilling to hand it over! All of you, take it from him! It's in his fanny pack,” Stallion ordered, upset that Larry was not showing Stallion the respect that Stallion thought he deserved. He waved at his lackeys, gesturing for them to charge forward and snatch Larry's pack.
  • “Have mercy on me, please! Give me another few days,” Candace pleaded. “This money is for my children's school fees and for our daily necessities. I'm begging you!”
  • Alarmed by Stallion's threats, Candace, who had been standing by Larry's side, stepped forward, tears streaming down her wan face as she implored the youths pitifully.
  • As she spoke, Candace had walked over to Stallion and knelt before him in her desperation.
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