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Chapter 30 Enemies Meet

  • Casper showed no sign of fear. He looked over at Elena.
  • “Just a smartass I bumped into the other day. Taught him a lesson. And now he's brought his men here to settle the score,” Casper explained to her, however briefly.
  • After that, he turned away from Elena and fixed his gaze on Leo and the rest of Tyson's thugs. He smirked mockingly. “Hey, monkey! Do you think this is a numbers game? That if you get more men to fight for you, you can salvage your reputation?”
  • Leo had a well-built physique. So, to be called a monkey over and over again by the same person was nothing short of an insult. He was that close to flying off the handle.
  • Physically, he was much stronger than Casper. The latter was obviously the scrawny one here. To be called a monkey by the likes of him was so demeaning!
  • As he approached Casper, Leo's eyes flitted to Elena instead, and, for a moment, his gaze refused to move away from her. Thankfully, Tyson realized what was going on and gave his brother a good kick. Only then did Leo come back to his senses.
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