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Chapter 28 Small World

  • The thought of being tied to the chair by Spiky Hair and the other thugs still brought pain to his face, while his eyes twitched fervently.
  • Hearing his story, Casper's eyes widened in shock. Damn them! They have such a profitable project in the works, but apparently, that isn't enough! They still want to extort protection money from Tycoon! Who's protecting whom, exactly?
  • “It seems that you've done a thorough investigation. What do you know about their current situation? How many fighters do they have?”
  • Casper would not fight an unprepared battle. Since he was determined to abolish that dreaded Firewolf Chamber of Commerce, he had to dig up everything there was to know before he made a move.
  • “Mr. Simpson, I've also found out that the reason the Firewolf Chamber of Commerce could grow so quickly was that Hector's employed two incredibly strong fighters to do his bidding. One of them is called Sabre, the other Lupin. The two of them have defeated many other mobsters in the underworld. If you want to do away with the Firewolf Chamber of Commerce, you have to take them out first.”
  • Russell gazed at Casper intently. Facing off Sabre and Lupin might be inevitable, but he still worried for the man.
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